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Hi, I'm Desirai!

I am a mother and wife, explorer, yogi, and leader in various capacities.

I live my life for my family. Part of that journey is keeping myself healthy with body movement and keeping myself humble with coaching work.


I am an explorer of culture and business; specifically, the intersection of the two, which is where people feel empowered to do their best work. It is through carefully cultivated relationships as well as inspired leadership that organizations and people can thrive. I aim to help our world with positive transformation through intersecting coaching, yoga, business insights, and intellectual thought.

Beautiful Nature


To create a future where everyone is equipped with the skills to foster authentic human connection to live in joyful and peaceful micro- and macro-communities. 


Utilize ancient wisdom and modern science to create workshops, classes, content, and a community for advancing the mind and body.

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Image by Eneko Uruñuela

My Coaching Credentials

I am a Certified Executive Coach through Coach Training EDU, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certification program, which has afforded me countless hours of applied coaching and collaboration with an amazing network of coaches.


At my "day job", I have been a leader, mentor, and career coach for over eight years. I thrive in a role where I have the opportunity to teach, guide, challenge, and help people explore their own career paths. I have helped coach individuals through Performance Improvement Plans to a happy and healthy future. I have helped recently-promoted individuals adjust to their new roles and expectations. I have even had the honor, in different workplaces, of helping more senior leaders brainstorm their strategies for managing staff. I am also involved in a monthly, women's, group coaching program.

Recent*, relevant trainings, seminars, and self-improvement:

  • Executive Coach, Coach Training EDU

  • Member of The Cru – women’s group coaching

  • Executive and Personal Branding 1:1 Coaching

  • Global Leadership Summit

  • Everything DiSC® Management​​​

As a professional, I specialize in project management, departmental transformations, and actionable roadmaps. I am organized, creative, and great at simplifying complex systems into visuals and frameworks. I have been involved in many sizes and types of team and organizational dynamics including nonprofits, startups, and Fortune 100 corporations. I've attended numerous leadership training courses and learned methodologies such as DiSC, Meyers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, and even how to use the 5 Love Languages at work. I also study behavioral psychology, how to have difficult conversations, and how to understand various people's backgrounds (trauma related, motivational preferences, culture, etc.) to be more compassionate and inclusive.


*I was a leader in various organizations in college and high school. These orgs provided me a tremendous amount of experiences and opportunities to attend speaker events and workshops, to work in different team environments, and to take ownership of tasks. I view these activities as my introduction to leadership and my beginning (birth) to be who I am today, as such, those experiences are not listed. I am more curious about how people show up in the world as independent adults than their experiences in school.

My Yoga Credentials

I have been studying yoga for over 15 years. I have been a certified yoga instructor since 2019. My RYT-200 instruction focused on trauma-informed awareness and care as well as intelligent sequencing. 

I have also trained closely with a 45-year experienced, multidiscipline guru and healer who has transformed my way of viewing the world, the habits I build, and the love I have to share. 

  • Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT®200), Bella Vita Yoga in Charlotte, NC

  • Diploma in Physical Therapy Aide

  • Yoga for Athletes, YogaRenew

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, YogaRenew

  • Personal postnatal training with The Bloom Method

  • Yoga Anatomy Teacher Training, YogaRenew (current coursework)

  • Children Yoga Teacher Training, YogaRenew (current coursework)

  • Baby Yoga and Developmental Movement, Karma Yoga Kids

  • 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training (current coursework)

  • Personal PT experience on shoulder, pelvic floor, and abdominals

  • Hands-on PT experience daily for nine months during the pandemic for my first born due to hip and neck injuries at home frank breech birth (WA midwife)

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