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Intuitive and Intentional movement for the mind and body

Coaching for the the Mind and Movement for the Body

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Yoga Class

Leadership Coaching

Live in the world you design

Leadership Coaching

Live in the world you design

Hand Gesture

Yoga for Your Office

Chair yoga without the sweat

Meditating in Nature


“I began my journey with Des this past July. I love yoga but have health issues that limit my mobility. Des created a practice specifically for me and the results were and still are promising. She taught me alternative poses addressing my needs in a caring and gentle manner I appreciate her insights and knowledge. Des has made my life better and I am grateful for her wisdom and expertise."

Jane - 1:1 Yoga


My Passion

I am driven by seeing others experience their passions and embrace their full potential.


For over 15 years I have been practicing yoga and helping people with their cognitive biases and goals. I am blessed to have witnessed tremendous transformations. As I have continued to take on personal requests for career, life, and wellness coaching, I have decided to be vulnerable, be bold, and start both coaching and instructing yoga officially.

I am passionate about sharing life in a meaningful way with others. I seek to facilitate growth, connection, health, and authentic human communication and interaction.

To determine if my services may be a good fit for you, please schedule a free 15-minute discussion with me. 

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